Meet Nicole, your new Real Estate and Property Management consultant, coach and confidant.

Hi there, nice to meet you. I’m the brains behind Resolve Consulting Solutions. RE, as in Real Estate, and SOLVE as in, I’m here to solve your business pain points so you can create an actionable plan, make more money and grow your team with confidence.

Nicole smiling wearing a black formal attire
Nicole on a blue formal attire smiling

When it comes to your Real Estate or Property Management business, have you ever wondered (or worried) about how to:

Grow your business strategically without burning yourself or your team out?

Establish intuitive systems that help streamline your internal processes and decrease the risk of human error instead of spending countless hours on admin tasks?

Calculate the base value of each listing your business needs to stay in the profit-making zone?

Equip your staff with actionable training and upskilling, financial know-how, and internal and external communications– such as  self promotion and communication tools?

Manage your portfolios to reach their full potential (or check in with them lately to see if they need a treatment plan?)

Create a synergy between your sales and property management teams for a collaborative workplace that functions like a well oiled machine.

I can help you and your team because I’ve been there before.

How did I get so good at what I do?

Short answer
Long answer
Hard work and a hell of a lot of trying, testing, tweaking, improving and moving towards challenges to overcome instead of ignoring opportunities and letting them fall by the wayside.

Flashback to 16 year old me beginning my journey in the trenches of Real Estate. I was fresh out of school and ready to take on big goals within the first agency I started with. Despite being poorly underestimated due to my age, I committed to making my mark in the Real Estate industry.

Flash forward to now– 32 years after I was told I was “too young” to achieve the same as those older than me in my industry then– and I’ve certainly made my mark.

So far, I’ve helped Real Estate and Property Management businesses achieve the following:

  • Increased portfolio numbers in less than six months.
  • A lower turnover rate within their teams, saving them time and resources on talent acquisition.
  • Better internal and external processes, streamlining their business to run smoother than ever before.
  • A growth mindset– seeing each client as an opportunity for long-term business and growth rather than just a door to sell or a property to manage.
  • An objective view of their business from an industry professional who can spot an opportunity for improvement from a mile away.

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Fully Licensed

Real Estate & Business Agent



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Diploma of Property

(Agency Management)

REIWA Accredited Property Manager

REIWA Accredited

Residential Property Manager

REIWA Accredited Commercial Property Manager

REIWA Accredited

Commercial Property Manager

Resolve Consulting Solutions

What makes Resolve’s method the holy grail for Real Estate and Property Management folk looking to improve their business?

I offer hands-on coaching and consulting services.

I offer a personal experience by working 1:1 with you and your team instead of doing everything digitally. I can’t help you improve your business through a computer screen alone, so I prefer to be in there improving it with you in person.

Besides, I’ve built my success from engaging face-to-face with my own Real Estate clients and other agents for years, so I’ll apply that same method when working with your team.

I avoid the one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead of trying to fit a square shape into a round hole, I’ll take a tailored and customisable approach to your business. What works for you might not work for someone else, so I tailor it to match your needs and improve your pain points by putting myself in your shoes.

You’ll gain a fresh perspective from an industry professional to help you iron out the kinks for a smoother process.

I look at the big picture to deliver better results.

What does it look like to work with someone who takes a holistic approach to consulting or coaching? I don’t just focus on the present barriers in your business; I also look into the past and future.

I’ll take a deep dive to identify what has or hasn’t worked previously and will work with you to map out a strategy for sustainable, long term success instead of a “quick fix” or band-aid solution.

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